How To Choose inkjet Printer Cartridges

 Home users purchase printers, usually from two usage requirements: one is the text as the main output content, including personal documents, students' homework, etc. Second, as the main output of the photos, the proportion of text output is higher. However, printers and other electrical products, in addition to the depreciation of equipment itself, in use will produce ink consumption, Canon printer cartridges ink cartridge must be conducted after running out of replacement can continue to use. In other words, the cost of the printer is divided into two aspects: the cost of purchase and the cost of use, which is mainly reflected in the application of the cartridge.

HP and Canon printer using thermal inkjet printing technology, through the Canon printer cartridges ink jet print head on the silicon substrate (inkjet room) of the electric heating element (usually a thermal resistance), within 3 microseconds rapidly heated to 300 degrees Celsius, the nozzle at the bottom of the liquid vaporization and form bubbles, ink film will ink and the steam heating element segregation, avoid all ink heating in the nozzle. Heating signal disappears, heating ceramic surface cooled, but residual heat still encourage bubbles within 8 microseconds expands rapidly to the maximum, the resulting pressure oppression of a certain amount of squeeze nozzle drops to overcome the surface tension of the fast. As the temperature continues to drop, the Canon printer cartridge bubbles begin to contract. Front drops due to the extrusion nozzle, the backend for the contraction of the ink drops began to separation, bubble disappear after ink and ink in the nozzle is completely separate, to complete a process of inkjet.

Who's more economical? There is a long history of dividing ink cartridges and one-piece Canon printer cartridges. Due to the monochrome ink after running out of a submerged cartridges, only for the ink cartridge replacement, printer can continue to work, and at this time unless all the colors of the ink exhausted, or the rest of the ink is wasted. Moreover, the one-piece cartridge will be replaced with the print head when replaced, and the printing head still has a certain life span, and this part of the cost is also wasted. The split cartridge design, however, requires only a replacement of the exhausted monochrome ink, which seems to be the cost of partial ink and print head.

But we need to consider a problem is that every time to replace the Canon printer cartridges, printer automatically performs a washing and pipeline of the print head filling ink, although this process can effectively guarantee the consistency of ink in the pipeline before and after, to avoid due to the subtle differences between two kinds of ink on the distribution of the particles of color deviation, as a result of this process, however, the user cannot control, and rinse the print head caused the emergence of a large amount of waste ink. So is the split cartridge really more economical than a one-piece printer cartridge? The answer is uncertainty. Must first consider the one-piece cartridge using state of the problem, that is to say, in the process of actual use users will use which color more frequently, which directly affect the ink cartridges the amount of waste, the waste of ink and ink cartridge separate switch more than the amount of ink cartridge which is a key to the problem.